The Cattery

The Romanno Purrfect Palace offers modern, spacious accommodation with thermostatically controlled central heating in the sleeping quarters which are fully lined and insulated. Adjustable ventilation vents and both natural and custom inserted lights.

There are 2 sleeping shelves in the sleeping quarters with cosy beds to ensure your precious friend does not feel the cold. Thermostatically controlled heating will ensure a constant heat is supplied. A fully opening window leads to a sunning shelve in the large spacious play area. A ladder allows easy access to floor level. A further sunning shelve is also available. Scratching posts are situated in the play area to allow the cats as much of a natural environment as possible.

There is full height sneeze barriers between each cat chalet and the bottom 3ft is completely solid so any nervous cats have their privacy.

All the materials used in the chalets and play area easy cleaned for hygiene purposes but also safe for your cats to play and sleep. We readily ask that the cats are brought with some of their favourite toys to play with and even their bed as this allows many to settle in quicker with the assurance of familiar things.

We use FELIWAY spray which is proven to reduce stress in cats. A radio is played at intervals during the daytime to help entertain the cats. There is a 4 ft safety corridor on the outside of the cat chalets to ensure extra safety. There is a separate isolation unit in the event any cat becomes unwell during their stay.

A large gym is available with lots of climbing activities and toys for your cat to play with. Cats will not be mixed with other cats in the gym other than from the same household who are sharing the same cat units. This allows the cats to have a good stretch and work out and also see out to another part of the countryside.

We are happy to periodically take pictures and short videos of your loved one and send across to you.

The Cattery is licensed with South Lanarkshire Council.

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